About Us

Nevada Asset Preservation & Management is an independently owned management firm that specializes in Real Estate Investment Portfolio Management. It is our desire to not only manage your property but to assist you in realizing the maximum profitability for your real estate investment. We are a full service property management company. What that means for YOU is that we have the ability to secure new properties or liquidate your portfolio, if needed. We are not just property managers; we are experienced, respected, licensed real estate professionals in the industry.

By providing:

  • Bi-lingual staff, to accommodate the ever-changing community status.
  • Property statements/invoices on accounts by address for all revenues and expenses in an easy to understand online format. Owners & tenants have access to their account via a user name and password, 24 hours a day.
  • Copies of all actual expense invoices, documenting labor and all materials used by our vendors; who are certified, licensed and guarantee their work.
  • On-site inspections - Periodic on-site inspections are conducted to check physical conditions of the property and look for possible liability exposures, such as burned out exterior lights, faulty sprinkler alarms, and hazards created by tenants and/or neighbors.
  • Preventative maintenance program; we offer optional filter service monthly. Our maintenance staff cleans the grates and replaces the A/C and furnace filters monthly for a nominal fee. This has proven to be an excellent service for both homeowners & tenants. We go the extra mile by offering semi-annual A/C & Furnace service tune ups – lengthen the time of you’re A/C & heating unit life by maintaining it.

By reducing:

  • Vacancies - Personnel available 7 days a week to show rentals, with on-line capabilities with credit agencies to receive tentative credit approval within minutes; resulting in vacancies filled within days, not months.
  • Maintenance - Coordinate & supervise all tenant maintenance needs through qualified vendors that are licensed and bonded. Due to the volume of work we give our vendors, they provide us discounts which we pass onto to our valued clients.

In summary, Nevada Asset Preservation & Management goal is to best assure and maximize our client's portfolio objectives, and to provide the kind of property management that was lacking in the communities we now serve. Most management companies are only concerned with receivables and payables, while at Nevada Asset Preservation & Management we are convinced that property management involves the constant visual monitoring of one's investment. We encourage you to investigate what so many have already found to be the most comprehensive and trustworthy property management company available.